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  • Currently in production, "Good Girl" starring Mary Beth Barone, directed by Lauren Garroni.
  • Promo reel available for Cannes 2023. Contact us via Cinando for a meeting.

Introducing Brook Productions

Brook Productions, based in Paris, France, was established in 2011 by Simon & Peter Brook as a boutique production entity. Its mandate is to produce high quality art and filmed entertainment with a focus on the important stories of our time.

Since its inception, Brook Productions has produced a number of award-winning documentaries on a diverse range of subjects, including Peter Brook - The Tightrope Official Selection at the 2012 Venice Film Festival and released theatrically worldwide.

Brook Production's international production and distribution partners include many of the top film and television companies of Europe, the US, and Asia such as France TV, Canal +, ARTE, Channel 4, BBC, Discovery, and NHK.

With the explosive rise of social media and digital streaming services in the past decade, a content creation paradigm shift has occurred almost overnight. This change has presented a golden opportunity to the film, television, and content producers of the world.

Brook Productions, with its social and human-centric thinking, along with an ethos of high production values has been uniquely positioned to step in and produce, distribute & market sophisticated content for the ever-growing film, television and digital VOD streaming marketplace.

Acquisition · Distribution · Content Sales

Since its creation, Brook Productions has been involved in the acquisitions and distribution of films produced directly or by third parties. These include such classics as the remastered 1947 Academy Award© winning Jules Dassin's The Naked City and Brute Force, starring Burt Lancaster, Peter Brook - The Tightrope, A Different American Dream about a Native American tribe in North Dakota fighting to save its culture, and Pot Luck, The Altered State of Colorado, a feature documentary turning the camera on those whose lives are impacted by the cannabis industry.

Brook Productions also represents the 30 titles in the Master Licensing 4K library that includes genre classics such as Animal Instincts, Mirror Images and The Expert.

Since 2020 Brook Productions has also acquired films for distribution in Japan, most recently working with the Nikkatsu Corporation, Japan's oldest movie studio founded in 1912 during the silent film era. Brook Productions also acquires, markets and licenses content for VOD Platforms around the world.

Recent acquisition and sales of films and television series include:

Film Restoration

Brook Productions' film restoration activity started with the desire of director Peter Brook to restore and re-release his 1968 anti-war film Tell Me Lies that was restored in partnership with the Technicolor Foundation for the Moving Image and the Fondation Gan, with restoration services provided by Technicolor in Los Angeles and London. The film was successfully re-released in a number of countries after premiering in 2012 at the Venice Film Festival in the Classics Section.

Following on, the Brook Productions restoration team decided to apply the experience gained in that process to help other producers wishing to restore films in the cinema heritage. The next project was the restoration of two Jules Dassin Film Noir classics, the 1949 Academy Award© Winner The Naked City and Brute Force, starring Burt Lancaster. Both films were restored by TKRS Film Restoration Services in Berlin, German under Brook Productions' supervision.

The restored version of The Naked City went on to Premiere at the 2018 Venice Film Festival in the Classics Section and was subsequently released on High-Definition Blue Ray by Criterion. It is to this day considered one of the most important films of its time, having invented the police procedural drama and it continues to be sold and shown worldwide.

Currently, Brook Productions is supervising in a Paris the restoration of a genre catalogue of 25 films for Master Licensing, ranging from action adventure like Jeff Speakman's The Expert, to pop cult classics like Animal Instincts and Buford's Beach Bunnies, starring Jim Hanks, Tom Hank's brother. With its passion for safeguarding cinema heritage across the decades, and genres, Brook Productions leverages its restoration expertise to deliver quality on time and on budget.

Brook Productions Internet Marketing

Alongside its filmed entertainment activities, Brook Productions works as a consulting firm for online affiliate marketing. Brook Productions believes that online marketing should not be determined by a unilateral strategy but rather with an arsenal of tools based on the unique qualities of each client company through which new customers can be discovered and more leads and sales generated.

Brook Productions has been providing digital marketing services to businesses of all sizes and sectors since 2015. The team members have a wide range of specializations allowing them to customize an online plan and provide a complete range of services including website design, SEO, PPC, CPA, video production, social media, Remarketing, Google Business ds & Places optimization, and lead generation.